HACCP Funding: Up to $350k from the Province of Ontario for Eligible Food Processors

April 15, 2015 By

Food processors in Ontario who want to increase their profits, expand their markets, improve operations and manage food safety risk can obtain cost-sharing support from the Province of Ontario. The Capacity Building program is intended for eligible companies to pursue education, skills, development and training, assessments and audits and develop plans to strengthen their business.

Bringing in consultants and specialists to help implement HACCP, train staff on food safety and help to implement operating procedures to meet the requirements for GFSI certification, such as SQF, can be expensive and a roadblock to fulfilling these goals for many small business. The Province of Ontario, however, provides 50% cost shared for these types of projects under the Capacity Building program.

The six focus areas for eligible projects are:

  • Food quality assurance systems (e.g. food safety, traceability, animal welfare)
  • Environment and climate change
  • Animal and plant health
  • Market development
  • Labour productivity enhancements
  • Business and leadership development

Types of projects include conducting analyses, assessments or audits, acquiring knowledge through training, obtaining guidance from consultants, gathering information for your business and developing appropriate plans to improve operations and decision making. Projects can focus on either the individual or organization. Food processors can receive a combined maximum of $350,000 from the Province of Ontario over the course of five years. There are no limits on the number of times a company can apply to the program.

All actively engaged and directly involved businesses in the processing, modification and/or transformation of agricultural commodities, food, beverage or agricultural based bioproducts in Ontario are eligible.

This is a very exciting opportunity for the food industry in Ontario and for the clients of Dicentra utilizing our expertise for the implementation of food safety standards and HACCP and for employee food safety training. Half of the costs for our services are eligible for a return and we work closely with a funding consultant that has a 100% success rate in securing these funds for our clients to date.

If you have further questions about this program please contact Peter Wojewnik at peter@dicentra.com or at 416-361-3400 ext. 225.