dicentra is made up of a team of highly specialized toxicologists, microbiologists, nutritionists, a medical doctor, and regulatory and quality experts.

Together, they provide your company with all of the services required to develop a safe and high-quality product. Our goal is to continue ensuring the safety and quality of your products and processes on an on-going basis.  The following is a list of the services we provide related to safety and quality:

  • Design and Verification of Quality Management Systems
  • Clinical Trial Design
  • Safety and Toxicology Assessments of Ingredients
  • Product Specification and Testing Protocol Development
  • Auditing and Verifying Vendors and Manufacturers
  • Developing Product Monographs for Professionals
  • Assessing Adverse Events and Compiling Regulatory Reports
  • Determining Possible Drug Interactions
  • All Scientific and Medical Writing