Recruitment Strategy

Participant Recruitment Is The Single Largest Cause Of Delays During Clinical Trials. In Fact, 80% Of Delays Are Tied Directly To Enrollment Failure

Having a sound recruitment strategy can help to mitigate these delays. dicentra’s expert recruitment and marketing team uses a multi-channel approach to make sure your recruitment needs are met without any unnecessary delays and expensive protocol deviations.

dicentra develops tailored marketing campaigns for every clinical trial. Our multi-channel approach ensures that we reach participants wherever they are, including but not limited to: on social media, on the radio, on television, on search engines, or even in printed media such as magazines or newspapers.

Our team also follows a streamlined ethics review process to ensure all marketing materials receive institutional review board / independent ethics committee (IRB/IEC) approval in a timely fashion.

dicentra offers the following participant recruitment services to support your clinical trials:

  • Marketing Recruitment Strategy development
  • Advertising content development and IRB/IEC approval
  • Digital and Traditional marketing campaign and advertising execution
  • Dedicated and Professional Customer Service Staff On-Site for telephone screenings, clinic appointment booking, and rescheduling
  • Ongoing recruitment monitoring and reporting

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