Feasibility Assessments

Clinical Trial Feasibility Is An Assessment Of A Clinical Trial Plan To Help Ensure The Best-Desired Outcomes Possible

dicentra offers comprehensive feasibility studies as part of our range of services for clinical trials. The better the clinical trial plan, the more likely it will stay in scope, on time, and on budget.

There are several components to a feasibility assessment including study design/protocol review, validating enrolment potential, site eligibility, and regulatory review.

Participant recruitment is the single largest cause of delays during clinical trials. In fact, 80% of delays in clinical trials are tied directly to enrollment failure. While there are many steps involved in a feasibility study, one of the most important steps is ensuring the enrolment potential of a clinical trial is validated, in order to best fit a Sponsor’s budget, timeline, and expectations.

Feasibility studies are tailored to each individual clinical trial. Our services include:

Each clinical trial feasibility we perform ends in the form of a report which we review in detail with our Sponsors.

Learn how we can help you assess the feasibility of your clinical trial.