Toronto CRO Facilities

dicentra is a full-service Contract Research Organization serving the Medtech, Pharma, Wellness, and Food industries, located in Toronto - the fourth largest metropolitan area in North America

Our research facility and welcoming clinic is located in Yorkville, downtown Toronto. We will work to design and conduct your study with the highest regard for participant safety, data quality and ICH-GCP compliance, while providing a clean and comfortable clinic space for our participants and clients. Our Toronto CRO is conveniently located on multiple transit routes and offers easy accessibility to our participants and clients.

Optimally Located

Our prime location in Yorkville is central to dicentra’s ability to successfully recruit your defined study population. Toronto is home to 3 million people of diverse background and health status, with the surrounding greater Toronto area (GTA) contributing another 3.5 million people. Combined, over 6.5 million people are within reasonable distance of our clinic.

population proximity to dicentra CRO

Canadian Advantage

Being in Canada provides an additional advantage. Unlike other jurisdictions, clinical trials conducted in Canada are approved by an independent ethics board (IRB/REB) and by Health Canada. Invest in your protocol with confidence, knowing that one of the world’s most respected regulatory authorities has reviewed and approved it!

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