Clinical Trial Design

Put Your Best Foot Forward With A Quality Clinical Trial Design

Successful clinical trials depend on foolproof clinical trial designs. Investing early in your clinical trial design forestalls you from making critical errors down the road and enables you to maximize the value of your overall investment.

But what does a tailored clinical trial design look like?

A lot of CRO’s tout tailored clinical trial designs without explaining what that means or what it will look like for a Sponsor. A tailored clinical trial design from dicentra is a design that is customized, strategic, and collaborative. We work together with you to ensure that we’re designing a strategy that is informed by your desired research outcomes or goals, the product you wish to market, and the market where you want to sell your product.

dicentra’s team of medical and regulatory experts will help provide you with a clinical trial design tailored to meet your research needs. When you partner with us, you partner with a team backed by over 19 years of international experience and expertise in regulatory affairs, clinical research, and product development in natural health products, food, and dietary supplements.

Our trial design services include:

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