dicentra is a contract research organization and professional consulting firm that specializes in addressing all matters related to safety, quality and compliance for all product categories in the life sciences and food industries.

We evaluate, implement, and provide all the necessary support for your products and operations, allowing you to gain market access while building confidence in your brand. We achieve this through our four business divisions:

Since our inception in 2002, we have completed over 18,000 projects and serviced over 1,200 companies internationally. Our clients look to us to help protect their bottom line while integrating our team as a part of theirs. This is a result of the continuous efforts we make to provide the highest level of client care.


Our mission is to continuously provide our clients with result-oriented regulatory and scientific solutions that promote accelerated business growth and a long-term strategic partnership.


Our vision is to accelerate innovation and shift the landscape of health and wellness to improve quality of life globally.


We are Innovative

We work collaboratively to introduce new ideas, products, technologies and methods. We are continuously developing and testing new and effective solutions and we challenge the status quo. We recognize, encourage, and reward courageous choices and ideas that result in the growth and development of our company, and in the success of our clients. We pursue continuous improvement so that ultimately our services advance and the entire world can benefit from the progress our clients achieve.

We are Transparent & Accountable

We uphold the obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for our work and guidance. Each of us is responsible for each other, and each of us is responsible for the goals of our entire organization. We are determined to achieve measurable results for our clients, helping their businesses to thrive.

We do Everything with Integrity & Respect

We nourish an environment devoted to honesty and fairness, trust and respect. We care deeply for our team members, our clients, and all the customers who use our clients’ products. We embrace inclusion and diversity across our team and we are committed to safeguarding the environment and the communities in which we operate. We work hard to make our families proud.


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