Site Selection

Proper Site Selection Is Critical To A Clinical Trial’s Success. In Fact, 80% Of Delays Are Tied Directly To Enrollment Failure

In order to mitigate any unnecessary delays, dicentra will work with you to define site requirements and your selection criteria, to determine if our primary site in Toronto, Canada is the right location for you. With these requirements in mind, we will determine the feasibility of the site and perform an SSV (Site Selection Visit) or a SEV (Site Evaluation Visit) to ensure the site is fully prepared to meet your requirements.

Our Canadian site offers a few advantages:

  1. Toronto is home to 3 million people of diverse backgrounds and health statuses, with the surrounding greater Toronto area (GTA) contributing another 3.5 million people, allowing us to recruit participants at a very fast rate.
  2. Being in Canada, clinical trials conducted in Canada are approved by an independent ethics board (IRB/REB) and Health Canada.

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