Phase II-III Clinical Trials

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Phase II Studies

Much like early-phase clinical research, Phase II trials evaluate product safety. The difference with Phase II clinical trials is that they also test the effectiveness of the product and tend to be performed with larger groups of participants.

Types of Phase II Studies include:

  • Proof of concept studies (Phase IIa)
  • Dose-Response or Dose-Finding Studies (Phase IIb)

Phase III Studies

Phase III studies are typically much larger than Phase I and II trials and can include participant enrolment at different sites or even in different countries. Phase III studies are also often used to confirm the effects shown during a Phase II trial, provide more safety data, and serve as the basis for product labelling. For example, if a sponsor looks to make a disease prevention claim, at least one Phase III study would be needed to substantiate this claim for natural health products (NHPs).

Recruiting for Phase III studies is often challenging due to the need that these trials often require multiple sites with a high number of participants needed. The success of these trials depends on insights gathered using high-quality early phase data. An accurate protocol design based on feasibility studies and phase II trial data is key to mitigating your Phase III trial risks.

Our Phase II-III Clinical Trial Services Include:

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