Cosmetic Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials For Cosmetics And Personal Care Products Play An Essential Role In Providing Evidence To Help Substantiate Claims And Prove Safety And Efficacy

Advertising and labelling claims for cosmetics and personal care products fall into the non-therapeutic category which does not require prior authorization from Health Canada. However, regardless of the type of claim you are looking to make, you must be able to substantiate any claim made on the product label or through the advertising of that product.

Having unique and specific claims for your cosmetic or personal products can help your product stand out among the competition. dicentra has an already extensive service offering for cosmetic regulatory affairs, however, our clinical trials division focuses specifically on claims support trial development.

We develop tailored clinical trials to substantiate specific advertising (efficacy) claims for our clients. More specific claims will require more specific evidence to ensure that the product can deliver what it claims. The development and implementation of a solid trial protocol yielding quality, defensible data can provide justification for claims that will make your products unique on the market. As consumer awareness increases, it is more important than ever that companies have proof that their products can actually do what they claim.

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