Our Culture

Throughout our lifespan, dicentra has grown and flourished into many different industries with one core motivation, top of mind – to improve people’s health and wellness. That passion for health and wellness is what our firm was founded upon, and is what still drives us today.

Purpose Driven Work for Purpose Driven People

Our Values

1. We are Innovative

2. We are Transparent & Accountable

3. We do Everything with Integrity & Respect

We live these values with an entrepreneurial spirit. No day at dicentra is the same. Working here means getting involved with many different exciting projects and tackling challenges. Work on what you love.


“The future of health and wellness is here and we are committed, together with our clients, to be on the frontline of change – change that will make all of our lives better and healthier!”


What to Expect


Work from home or work from the office or work somewhere in between. The choice is really yours! Hours are flexible too. Prefer to start at 7 am so you can finish two hours early in the afternoon? No problem! We understand the importance of balancing your work with your life and getting valuable time in with your family.

Better Compensation

Whether it be pay, vacation time, benefits, or our custom wellness program (partnered with Vitarock), we believe our compensation program is excellent. And if you have ideas to make it even better – tell us – we are all ears to our people!

Professional Development

Here is where we shine. Operating in industries that are highly diversified, and where the regulations change regularly requires constant professional development of our people. We will not only help develop your skills, but we will also help you position yourself in a way that best suits your skillset.

Values That Align with Yours

At dicentra, we believe in our values. After all, they’ve been part of making us tick since day one. And while we’ve grown from a small, one office, family-owned business into a multinational corporation with 50+ employees across the globe, we haven’t forgotten those values.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are always top of mind at dicentra. Everyone is a beautiful human and everyone is treated with the same respect! This is a core value held by all ownership and this is an integral part of our culture! Apply for one of our open positions and discover dicentra’s unique culture today.