Dietary Supplement Clinical Trials

In the United States, both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) require health claims about the efficacy and safety of dietary supplements to be substantiated with competent and reliable scientific evidence

dicentra can assist in designing Dietary Supplements Clinical Trials that can generate scientific conclusions relating to the intended health claims. Clinical trials, when well-designed and controlled, are considered the definitive and most reliable form of evidence to substantiate claims.

dicentra's CRO Services:

Protocol Design

Protocol Review

Clinical Trial Monitoring

Multi-Centre Trial Management

Regulatory Submissions

Customized CRF / Source Document Design

GCP Compliance Auditing

dicentra works with vetted contacts in the field of clinical research to conduct small population-based trials. We can help enterprising companies to establish scientific support for desired health claims of their dietary supplement, giving them a unique competitive advantage within the industry.