Natural Health Products Importation

Natural health products importation

Natural health products importation is a vital service that populates the Canadian market with a diverse selection of natural health products. Many companies outside of Canada wishing to sell their natural health products in Canada do not have the infrastructure or required permits in place for importation of into the country, or simply prefer to outsource their quality assurance (QA) responsibilities to a qualified third party. dicentra is unique among regulatory affairs consultants in that we hold our own Site Licence to import natural health products into Canada.

Our services in Natural Health Products Importation include:

  • Legal importation under dicentra’s Site Licence
  • QA for product release
  • QA for handling of returns
  • QA for investigation of complaints, deviations and non-conformances
  • Storage of natural health products in compliance with GMPs
  • Logistics and fulfillment
  • Customs brokerage services

dicentra is affiliated with a top-tier third party logistics company annexed to our Site Licence that provides these services.

(See also Natural Health Products Site Licencing)