Gluten-Free Certification

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dicentra Offers Gluten-Free Facility Certification Through Third Party Certification Bodies

Over 100 million North Americans are currently buying gluten-free products. By becoming gluten free certified companies can benefit from the gluten-free market and its exponential growth by communicating their commitment to producing safe, reliable and trusted gluten-free products for consumers.

dicentra works with certification bodies for Gluten-Free Certification. Products displaying a gluten free mark have been manufactured in a facility which successfully undergoes a robust, non-biased, annual third party audit. This audit verifies the facility’s ability to routinely meet stringent standard requirements for managing the production of gluten-free products. Today gluten free certification provides consumers the ability to shop with confidence by selecting those safe, reliable and gluten-free products displaying a gluten free mark.

With our third party certification bodies we provide a simple application process, allowing you to assign us as your partner and select your desired audit dates as easily as possible. Our auditors are accessible across the world and offer flexibility in order to meet your schedule. Consider dicentra when booking your next gluten-free certification audit to receive the best customer care for the best price.

If you’re considering the option of making your product(s) gluten free please contact us and we will be in touch very shortly to discuss the requirements, potential fees and timelines.