Costco Supplier Food Safety Requirements

Ensuring Food Safety Compliance for Costco Suppliers


Meet the Costco Standard

Manufacturers, distributors, packagers, and/or labelers of consumable products or food contact packaging materials supplying to Costco Wholesale Corporation are subject to Costco’s Food Safety Expectations and audit requirements.

What are the Requirements?

Costco requires suppliers to complete:

  1. A Food Safety Costco GMP audit; or,
  2. A Costco Addendum performed in conjunction with a GFSI audit.


This includes having in place policies in place that address:

    • HACCP/Preventive Controls
    • Supplier Approval Program
    • Foreign Material Control
    • Product Traceability
    • Allergen Control
    • Microbiological Testing
    • Irradiation Controls
    • Pest Control
    • Personnel Hygiene controls
    • Food Packaging
    • Region Specific Requirements
      • USA – Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)
      • Canada – Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

Costco GMP Audits

Third-party GMP audits are required by Costco in order to meet Costco’s Food Safety Expectations. A Costco-approved Certification Body must perform these audits.

Costco Addendum

The Costco addendum is an additional set of requirements provided by Costco that are built onto the GFSI requirements of individual programs. These audits are performed simultaneously with the GFSI requirements to ensure that all Costco expectations are met. A Costco-approved Certification Body must perform these audits.

GFSI Audits

Suppliers are required to complete an annual third-party GFSI audit by a Costco-approved Certification Body.

  • SQF
  • CanadaGap
  • FSSC
  • Global Gap
  • IFS