CFIA – Regulatory Updates: Compliance and Enforcement Operational Policy – March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011 By

Updated Compliance and Enforcement Operational Policy and publication of CFIA enforcement activities

The updated policy, which will be available on CFIA’s website by February 25, 2011, confirms the CFIA’s overall approach to assessing compliance and applying enforcement action when warranted. We will continue to work closely with industry members on compliance issues while practicing fairness, impartiality and consistency. Similarly, existing principles, legislation, and roles and functions of industry and the CFIA remain in place.

In keeping with our commitment to transparency, the CFIA will also begin posting on its website quarterly information on enforcement activities. The first data to go on our website in the coming weeks will include:

– Links to existing prosecution bulletins

– Food imports refused entry into Canada

As this initiative expands, more enforcement-related information will be posted, including:

– confiscation of food products that could not be brought into compliance;

– Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs);

– federally registered food establishments whose licenses have been suspended, cancelled or reinstated; and

– names of companies that have received Notices of Violations with Penalty in the course of carrying out their business.