Health Canada Update: Non-Medicinal Ingredient Labeling for Nonprescription Drug Products Clara di Tella, BSc, Pharm QA Regulatory Affairs Specialist Health Canada has released a notice to inform drug manufacturers/sponsors of […] Read More >>
  Dicentra has recently made a $100.00 contribution to the Direct Selling Education Foundation of Canada (DSEF). The DSEF supports research and education programs that are expanding knowledge and understanding […] Read More >>
By:Ashleigh Hampton, MSc June 30, 2011 In August of 2010, Health Canada issued a notice to natural health product license applicants to provide clarification on the requirements for traditional claim […] Read More >>
Dicentra, as a very proud member of the American Herbal Product Association (AHPA) has just donated $500.00 in support of a revision on the Botanical Safety Handbook (BSH). The Botanical […] Read More >>
After a long cold winter it’s with extreme excitement that we welcome the spring and the coming summer. Spring always brings with it a feeling of renewal and enthusiasm for […] Read More >>
Welcome Spring and Summer 2011 After a long cold winter it’s with extreme excitement that we welcome the spring and the coming summer. Spring always brings with it a feeling […] Read More >>
  The NHPD has confirmed that the 11 Schedule F Ingredient Regulatory Amendments previously expected this spring have been deferred to the fall of 2011 due to the current election. […] Read More >>
  This is Dicentra’s first newsletter for 2011. We will be releasing these newsletters every three months and the purpose of the newsletter is to keep our readers up to […] Read More >>
The Natural Health Products Directorate is requesting information from product license holders and applicants in light of the proposed amendments to the Food & Drug Regulations regarding enhanced labelling for […] Read More >>
  February 22-23, 2011 in Toronto. Dicentra has agreed to be a Gold Sponsor to this important and informative event and our own Candice Cryne, Scientific Regulatory Associate will be […] Read More >>
On December 22, 2010 the Natural Health Products Industry was informed by the NHPD that the compliance promotion transition period which was slated to end on March 1, 2011 is […] Read More >>
Science and Research Updates R.H.X. Wong, P.R.C. Howe, J.D. Buckley, A.M. Coates, I. Kunz, N.M. Berry. Acute resveratrol supplementation improves flow-meditated dilation in overweight/obese individuals with mildly elevated blood pressure. […] Read More >>
Recent Changes: NHPD Ingredients Database and Ingredient Issue Forms The NHPD introduced the Natural Health Products Ingredients Database earlier this year. At present, the database contains: Medicinal ingredients Non-medicinal ingredients […] Read More >>
  Executive Summary UPLAR Products in queue for over 180 days awaiting product licenses will now be issued ENs (exemption number) allowing the product to be legal for saleProducts must […] Read More >>
  Less than two weeks remain to register for dicentra’s upcoming webinar titled Good Manufacturing Practices for Natural Health Product Site Licence Holders. Health Canada requires both initial and ongoing […] Read More >>
  Watch the recording of this webinar by clicking here. The regulatory solution many have been waiting for may be on the horizon with the recent regulatory proposal: Natural Health […] Read More >>
The Sale of Unlicensed Natural Health Products, Exemption Numbers, and You! Natural Health Products (Unprocessed Product Licence Applications) Regulations The regulatory solution many have been waiting for may be on […] Read More >>
  Anne Wilkie, Senior Regulatory Strategy & Policy Advisor, will be representing Dicentra at the International Pharmaceutical Academy’s Dietary Supplements & Natural Health Products Conference in Montreal on April 21 […] Read More >>
  Many products fall under the cosmetic-drug interface. These are products that may share the characteristics of both a cosmetic and drug, as defined in the Food and Drugs Act, […] Read More >>
The Debate Surrounding the Sale of Unapproved Natural Health Products Continues Despite Health Canada adopting a risk-based enforcement policy until at least March 31 in acknowledgment of the Product License […] Read More >>