Natural Products Association – Regulatory Updates – June 15, 2011

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May 20, 2011

NPA Calls for Clarity and Action on Baked Goods Mislabeled as Dietary Supplements

Statement from Natural Products Association (NPA) Executive Director and CEO John Gay over recent concerns about melatonin in baked goods:

“The current controversy over certain baked goods claiming to be dietary supplements demands clarity and action.

First, clarity. The Natural Products Association believes the products in question—brownies containing melatonin—are conventional foods falsely labeled as supplements. Simply calling a product a “dietary supplement” does not make it so. There are specific rules for what qualifies as a supplement as opposed to what qualifies as conventional food.

Second, action. We urge the Food and Drug Administration to take quick action on these or any products masquerading as a dietary supplement. In fact, the FDA has taken such action before, and we urge them to do so again.