Save Time and Money: How to Simplify Quality Testing Requirements for Natural Health Products

May 30, 2012 By

Testing costs can add considerably to the overall production costs of natural health products. This is particularly true since the implementation of the Natural Health Product Regulations in 2004. Companies are complaining that the new testing requirements are reducing profit margins and placing undesirable strain on day-to-day business operations.

While testing is necessary (and mandatory) to ensure product quality, there are many ways to minimize the testing burden. This course, prepared and delivered by William Morkel (about the speaker), will explore potential means of streamlining your testing program to make it more cost effective while still adhering to regulatory and GMP requirements.

William Morkel, Senior Quality Assurance Specialist at dicentra, has fifteen years of experience working in the field of pharmaceutical and natural health products quality assurance and often delivers lectures on GMP issues with Health Canada.

Individuals involved in quality assurance and control, regulatory affairs, purchasing, and business management should all attend this course. Companies importing their products into Canada from a foreign country are particularly encouraged to attend this course.

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