Straight Talk about International Trade Certificates (ITC)

Straight Talk about International Trade Certificates (ITC)

April 9, 2020 By

The Government of Canada defines an International Trade Certificate (ITC) as “a document which speaks to the regulatory status of a Natural Health Product (NHP) in Canada and/or the Canadian manufacturing, packaging, and/or labeling site. Given the significant number of NHPs exported abroad, the ITC was developed to help facilitate access to Canadian-made NHPs in foreign markets”

What this means: If you have a product with a Natural Product Number (NPN) and want to sell your product outside North America, you are recommended to get an ITC. The issuance of an ITC will help ease market entry in foreign jurisdictions. You cannot get simpler than that for an explanation.

These documents were at one time issued by Health Canada, however since September 2, 2013, the responsibility was designated independent 3rd parties, such as dicentra.
While there are many companies that have the authority to issue ITCs, at the end of the day these documents are standardized and no one ITC is better than another. So then how should you choose which company to partner with for your ITC?

Some factors to consider:

  • What is the company’s track record? Companies establish track records through past performance, their growth and achievements, and of course through word-of-mouth. For example, a lot of the ITCs we’ve issued is through referrals from our existing clients. By building on our established reputation we have quickly become one of the top ITC issuing agents in Canada. Companies of all sizes rely on us to get their paperwork certificates completed and signed in order quickly, so their exported NHPs can reach markets overseas without delay.
  • What kind of turnaround time can you expect? Most companies don’t disclose a turnaround time for issuance, and in cases where they do, turnarounds of up to 10 business days are considered the norm. Our guaranteed turnaround time is 2 business days.
  • How easy is the process? Many companies insist you submit the full ITC form in its entirety. dicentra will complete the form on your behalf and will only ask for the pertinent information.
  • What does it cost? The industry standard price is $199, however, dicentra offers volume discounts to help with costs.

How do I get started?

As mentioned above, obtaining an ITC from dicentra is a quick and easy process. In order for us to complete your form we’ll need:

  • Your current site licence
  • Country of import
  • A copy of your label

Besides ITCs, dicentra also issues GMP Compliance Certificates and Certificates of Free Sale. Same price and the same great customer service.

About dicentra

dicentra is a contract research organization and professional consulting firm that specializes in addressing all matters related to safety, quality, and compliance for all product categories in the life sciences and food industries.

We evaluate, implement, and provide all the necessary support for your products and operations, allowing you to gain market access while building confidence in your brand.

We are also very happy to say that our mission remains the same today as it did 18 years ago; To continuously provide our clients with result-oriented regulatory and scientific solutions that promote accelerated business growth and a long-term strategic partnership.

About the author

Terry has been with dicentra for over 8 years and is our Global Certifications Operations Manager.

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