Amazon Updates Requirements For Dietary Supplements

Amazon Updates Requirements For Dietary Supplements

April 15, 2021 By

Just months after announcing that new documentation would be required for supplements sold on their marketplace, Amazon has again updated their requirements, this time without an announcement. In this latest update, sellers on Amazon will now have an alternative to the 3rd party ISO 17025 Lab-tested CoA, in the form of in-house testing if your facility is GMP certified.

When the new policy came into effect it originally required you to provide a CoA for your product from an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab (3rd party or in-house) or have your product be certified by an approved 3rd party certification program, such as NSF, BSCG, or USP. These new updates include in-house laboratory testing by labs that are compliant with good manufacturing practices (cGMP) per 21 CFR 111 and 117.  You will be required to provide a GMP certificate from an approved 3rd party certification program.  Amazon will accept GMP certificates from NSF (NSF/ANSI 173 section 8), GRMA (GMRA455-2), UL GMP, USP GMP, Eurofins, SAI Global, SGS, Intertek, TGA, and SSCI. If your in-house lab is certified you may use your in-house CoA to meet Amazon’s requirements for selling your product on their site.

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