Spence Masson Joins FDA Consultant and NHP Consultant dicentra as Senior Regulatory Specialist

October 31, 2013 By

Thursday, October 31, 2013

dicentra, FDA consultant and NHP consultant for the dietary supplement, cosmetic and food industries, has announced the addition of Spence Masson to its team of advisors.

Spence Masson, well known regulatory expert in the natural health products and dietary supplements industry, recently joined dicentra, a scientific and regulatory consulting firm operating from Toronto, Ontario and Newport Beach, California. He says his twenty years of experience working in the field of dietary supplements, natural health products (NHP) and pharmaceuticals will be a major asset to his new role as an FDA consultant and NHP consultant.  His background includes setting up GMP programs to establish and maintain regulatory compliance, training employees in GMP matters and overlooking all regulatory and scientific matters for some of the industry’s largest players, particularly in the Direct Sellers sector. Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry, he presented at numerous industry conferences, wrote articles in industry and general public magazines and served for many years as a prominent panel member of the Canadian Direct Sellers Association Regulatory Committee where he often represented the group at several pivotal meetings in Ottawa with Health Canada.

“Spence is a great addition to our team,” reports Alicja Wojewnik, President of dicentra. “He has excellent experience in dealing not only with regulatory matters, but with business matters as well. This is critical to our clients. We’re not brought to the table to just tell a client what’s right or what’s wrong. We strategize with the company to come up with the best business solution. Spence will be great in this domain.”

In his current role as Senior Regulatory Specialist at dicentra, Masson will oversee the scientific aspects of all regulatory projects, including the preparation of all scientific dossiers, whether for the substantiation of claims for dietary supplements, Product License Applications (PLAs) for natural health products (NHPs) or for new dietary ingredient (NDI) and GRAS dossiers. Additionally, he will oversee product classification strategies, adverse reaction reporting and claim substantiation assessments and will be directly involved in liaising with the government on dicentra’s clients’ behalf.

For Quality Assurance Masson will design Quality Programs including SOPs and GMP training programs and continued maintenance programs for quality systems.  He will also determine appropriate tests for all current and new products and will arrange for required local product testing through a licensed laboratory.

“Moving to a consulting role after all those years in the industry will allow me to put my expertise at the service of many NHP and dietary supplement manufacturers. I look forward to the challenge,” Masson concludes.


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