Peter Wojewnik: Partner

peter-picturePeter Wojewnik, BSc, MBA

As Partner, Peter Wojewnik oversees all client service operations and directs corporate business development strategies to ensure dicentra continues to expand its global presence in the marketplace. His constant focus is the long term business growth of his clients. In this role Peter is responsible for assessing the needs of clients and working with the dicentra team to ensure that optimal regulatory and scientific solutions are delivered.

Peter has a solid understanding of business and industry trends that allow him to understand his clients’ needs and ensure that the services dicentra provides contribute directly to the growth and prosperity of the client’s business. Part of this requires that dicentra remains at the forefront of the industry as a recognized leader in training and education and Peter overlooks all of dicentra’s education initiatives to ensure this position is maintained.

His educational credentials include an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, with a double major in Psychology and Biology. He gained his Master of Business Administration with a specialty in International Business Development from Ryerson University Rogers School of Business. He is presently a member of key U.S. and Canadian trade associations and often contributes articles on regulatory and business matters to leading industry publications.