Advertising and Promotional Materials Review

Advertising and Promotional Materials can determine the success of a product and incorrect advertising can hamper business. In order to avoid costly litigation, consumer redress, consent decrees, warning letters, fines, penalties, allegations that products are either adulterated or unapproved new drugs, or allegations that claims are false and misleading by the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Better Business Bureau, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), states’ attorney generals, and consumers, it is necessary to develop a compliant sales and marketing plan from the outset as well as conduct regular reviews of all sales and marketing materials, website, testimonials, blogs, Facebook page, etc.

Our services in Advertising and Promotional Materials Review include:

  • Creation of core compliant claims
  • Analyzing structure/function claims, nutrient content claims, health claims and disease claims
  • Reviewing website content
  • Reviewing testimonials, blogs, Facebook pages
  • Reviewing sell sheets, brochures, and all marketing material
  • Reviewing all advertising including print, radio, television, email/phone blasts
  • Providing compliance training to sales and marketing teams and call center in regards to structure function claims/nutrient content claims/health claims/disease claims, and responding to customer questions

At dicentra, we have plenty of experience reviewing advertising and promotional materials. Our aim is to optimize labels and marketing materials to be shelf- and regulation-friendly.