Third Party GMP Auditing

Having a Third Party GMP audit conducted on your facility, ingredients and/or product line is one way to stay ahead of the curve. By employing an outside party to carefully review your company’s processes and procedures you can be provided with an unbiased perspective on your current practices.

Our services in Third Party GMP Auditing include:

  • Conducting GMP audits (domestic and foreign sites)
  • Review of records and documentation
  • On-site inspections prior to Regulatory audits
  • On-site inspections for compliance with the appropriate regulations
  • Analysis of current systems with recommendations

In addition to assisting with re-vamping current systems, a third party auditor can provide innovative ideas to keep your company at the head of the pack. At dicentra our trained Auditors can develop, implement and oversee your company’s self-inspection program and ensure you remain on-track with GMP compliance.