As of September 2, 2013, Health Canada transferred the responsibility of International Trade Certificates (ITC) issuance to independent 3rd parties. It is standard practice among many countries to require an ITC to accompany any Natural Health Product (NHP) imported into their jurisdiction. An ITC is a document that provides information to the exporting country regarding the regulatory status of a Canadian NHP or Canadian manufacturer, packager and/or labeller and confirms that the product and/or site meets the strict Natural and Non-Prescription Health Product Directorate’s (NNHPD) regulatory requirements.

As a registered 3rd party issuer dicentra offers International Trade Certificates with a turnaround time of 2 business days, from the time payment is received and upon receipt of a copy of your most current and accurate site license and product license. This time does not include the time it takes the certificate(s) to reach you by mail.  Ground shipping is included.  *Please note an additional business day will be required for notarized International Trade Certificates.

dicentra issues the following types of ITC’s as they pertain to NHPs:

  • An International Trade Certificate for NHPs – This speaks specifically to products. Any product that holds a valid NPN or DIN-HM can obtain an ITC. Note: a separate application must be submitted for each product and country of destination.
  • An International Trade Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) Compliance – This speaks specifically to domestic Canadian sites that possess a valid Site Licence. It is site, and not product specific and is essentially an attestation that a facility has been evaluated and found to comply with the Canadian NHP GMPs.

ITC’s issued by dicentra are verified against the Licensed Natural Health Products Database and the List of Site Licence Holders.

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