Food Labels and Claims Consulting

Food labels and claims in Canada and the U.S. have specific regulatory requirements that must be met. There are restrictions on certain ingredients and quantities. Cautionary and allergen labeling have become an important aspect of food compliance in recent years. Fact panels have undergone changes and need to meet detailed specifications. Claims must be appropriate to this particular category. These are all aspects we can help you with. Whether reviewing an existing product label or helping to develop a new label, these are activities we assist with on a regular basis. In fact, we can even make modifications to an existing label or develop one from start to finish with our in house graphic designers.

Our services for food labels and claims consulting include:

  • Confirm that the food classification is appropriate
  • Review all elements of a food label for compliance (including accuracy of language translation)
  • Confirm that all ingredients and amounts are allowable
  • Review and assist in the development of appropriate claims
  • Outline any required cautionary and allergen statements
  • Provide compliant food label text for graphic development or develop graphic on your behalf