Nutrition Facts Table and Label Review

It is mandatory for certain foods to have a Nutrition Facts Table that is correctly formatted and contains the amount of the 13 core nutrients and calories in a defined amount of food. To ensure you are going to market with a compliant food, we can assist by reviewing your product label for any regulatory concerns.

Our services in Nutrition Facts Table and Label Review include:

  • Reviewing the product for all aspects of food compliance
  • Reviewing types and quantities of ingredients
  • Reviewing and assisting with the development of claims
  • Advising on recommended cautionary and allergen labeling
  • Preparation of draft food label text (can be used to develop your graphic label)

It is a much better to proactively devise a compliant food label, then to respond to assertions of non-compliance from the CFIA, and any risks or repercussions such as a recall. Our experts at dicentra have first-hand knowledge of food regulations and guidance’s to help you achieve compliance with your food product and will provide you with our comments, concerns and recommendations.