Food Packaging Material Registration

Food Packaging Material Registration is a voluntary process to have your food packaging materials approved for safety by the Food Directorate of Health Canada. However, there are some mandatory requirements in other legislation and certification programs that fall under the purview of the CFIA (e.g. Meat Inspection Act and Regulations, HACCP). Under Division 23, Section B.23.001 of the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, the onus is placed on the food seller to determine that all materials used for packaging foods is safe. This regulation applies to any type of material whether in finished product or single additive form.

Although, food packaging registration in Canada is voluntary, a successful application will receive a No Objection Letter which can be provided to your potential customers, as a marketing tool, to assure them that your packaging materials have been reviewed by the Food Directorate and have received a favourable opinion with respect to chemical safety. No Objection Letters have no expiry date and can be used for the same packaging material provided that no changes to the packaging composition are made. Additionally, approved food packaging materials are added to the “Reference Listing of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products” database on the CFIA’s website.

Our services in Food Packaging Material Registration include:

  • Completing Food Packaging Submissions for formulated products and finished articles
  • Completing Food Packaging Submissions for specific constituents or single additives
  • Liaising with the CFIA and Bureau for Chemical Safety on clients behalf
  • Determining if packaging material requires mandatory or voluntary registration
  • Determining acceptability of polymers/resins used in packaging materials
  • Notification to Food Directorate of change in packaging material composition

dicentra has a team of scientific and regulatory experts that can assist you in registering your food packaging material.