Food Health Claim Substantiation Assessment and Product Development

Food Health Claim Substantiation Assessment

Food Health Claim Substantiation Assessment and Product Development is a core service that is offered by dicentra. We not only employ qualified professionals who are educated and experienced in the Human Health Sciences and Food Regulatory Framework, but have also developed our own comprehensive and regularly updated database, currently populated by thousands of full-text research papers. This puts us in a unique position when it comes to serving our clients in the area of product development and health claim evaluation for foods.

Our services in Food Health Claim Substantiation & Product Development include:

  • Assisting with the development of new product formulations
  • Development of safety and toxicological profiles
  • Liaising with the Food Directorate regarding history of safe use/novel food decisions
  • Evaluation of therapeutic and risk reduction claims
  • Evaluation of structure/function claims
  • Scientific and medical writing

With this changing regulatory landscape in the food industry, dicentra’s highly qualified team is well equipped to assist you in developing your products, while determining the best claims while still maintaining compliance with the regulations.