Food Facility Inspection (HACCP) Consulting


Food Facility Inspection (HACCP) Consulting is a key service offered by dicentra. Food Facility Inspections (HACCP) are a routine procedure to ensure that a facility is in compliance with the regulations. A HACCP plan addresses a Hazard Analysis of all products and processes and the Critical Control Points associated with Biological, Chemical, and Physical hazards. It is important for HACCP plans to be specific to individual products and processes and have adequate verification and validation procedures in place. Currently, HACCP is only required for juice, seafood, and meat products. However, with the upcoming Food Safety Modernization Act regulations we can expect to see a HACCP approach for all food manufacturing and processing.

Our services in the Food Facility Inspection (HACCP) area include:

  • Review and assist with establishing pre-requisite programs – GMPs, Sanitation programs, training, ingredient specifications, and finished product specifications
  • Review of current preventative controls
  • Assist with preliminary HACCP tasks – Assembling a HACCP team, Describing the food and distribution, Describing intended use and consumers, Creating process flow diagrams, and Verifying process flow diagrams
  • Assist with Hazard analysis – Identifying possible hazards (biological, chemical, and physical) and evaluation of Hazards for likelihood of occurrence and severity
  • Assist in establishing Critical control points in the manufacturing process
  • Assess Verification procedures of Control Points and Critical Control Points
  • Assist with developing validation methods to ensure Critical Control Points are effective in preventing or stopping potential hazards
  • Review and assess GMP and HACCP records for compliance with 21 CFR part 110
  • Train staff on the 7 principles of HACCP

dicentra has experienced auditors that can complete an inspection of your facilities to ensure that you are in compliance with the regulations.