Food Supplement Ingredient Safety Review/Assessment

According to the EFSA, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer, importer, supplier, or distributor to ensure that a food supplement is considered safe.

One of the first steps to establishing the safety of a food supplement is to determine whether or not your ingredients are considered safe. In order to do this, you must determine if your ingredient is authorized for use in food supplements in Annex I or Annex II of Directive 2002/46/EC. If your ingredient does not fall on the list on Annex I/II, your ingredient may still be authorized under other regulations depending on the nature of the ingredient. Because regulatory requirements differ from country to country within the European Union, determining whether or not your ingredient is authorized requires a review of the specific regulations in the region and/or country you wish to market your product.

dicentra can provide you with the following services in order to ensure your ingredients are successfully authorized to be included in your food supplement:

  • Identification of prohibited ingredients
  • Region-specific regulatory review
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Formula Review
  • Label development and review

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