Consulting firm dicentra announces new Ontario office located in Clarksburg

March 2, 2020 By

Toronto-based clinical research organization (CRO) and regulatory consulting firm, dicentra, has announced that it is soon opening its newest office location just 5 minutes south of Clarksburg on a farm on Beaver Valley Road.

The owners currently operate an organic apple orchard on the property, called End of the Rainbow Orchard, and decided it would be a great new option for employees to relocate to.

“Part of our goal here is to offer as much convenience and work-life balance to our team members as possible,” reports Alicja Wojewnik, Founder and CEO of dicentra. “Clarksburg is a beautiful place, a place where our people can relocate from Toronto if they choose and connect with nature.”

The company specializes in safety, quality and compliance matters for the agriculture, food and life science industries and also conducts clinical trials.

This will be the company’s third location in Ontario. The company headquarters and research site for its clinical trials is located in downtown Toronto. A second office is located in Guelph, Ontario, where many team members are located.

“The opportunity to relocate my young family to the country is very tempting. Growing up in nature, a slow paced more intentional lifestyle, is the kind of childhood I’d like to offer my children,” said Elizabeth, Relations Manager at dicentra. “It’s great to work for a company who shares those same values.”

The company is expected to open up the new office location in the summer of this year. Several members of the Toronto office have already expressed interest in relocating their families.

“We try to offer as much flexibility as we can. Our people can even work from home if they choose. If they prefer an office setting they will now have the option of feeding trout or cutting grass on a vintage tractor during their breaks,” laughs Alicja.

About dicentra
dicentra is a contract research organization and professional consulting firm that specializes in addressing all matters related to safety, quality, and compliance for all product categories in the life sciences and food industries. We evaluate, implement, and provide all the necessary support for your products and operations, allowing you to gain market access while building confidence in your brand. We achieve this through our four business divisions: Life Sciences, Food Safety & Quality, Global Certifications, and Clinical Trials. Since our inception in 2002, we have completed over 18,000 projects and serviced over 1,200 companies internationally.

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