The NHP GMP Inspection Pilot Program is Here – Are You Ready?

The NHP GMP Inspection Pilot Program is Here – Are You Ready?

March 9, 2021 By

Health Canada’s new NHP GMP Inspection Pilot Program is here and depending on the outcome, it could be here to stay. If made permanent, this program will mark the beginning of regular inspections for the NHP industry.

What is the NHP GMP Inspection Pilot Program?

This pilot program will involve another round of inspections of the NHP industry during 2021. These audits will be more comprehensive than the audit conducted during the two Compliance Monitoring Projects of 2017 and 2018/19.

Who does this affect?

Domestic manufactures and importers of NHP’s were specifically named as targets for consideration of this pilot program. Companies that are selected will be given 4 weeks of advanced notice of the audit. Which companies are audited will depend in part on the risk categories of their products and their past compliance history.
However, there is a likelihood that this program is here to stay, in which case, anyone who manufactures, packages, imports and labels Natural Health Products could be subject to periodic audits.

How can I be prepared?

You need to ensure that on a day-to-day basis you are complying with the Natural Health Product GMPs as they apply to our operations. We invite you to reach out to dicentra to proactively verify compliance to the applicable Acts and Regulations before you get inspected.