Amazon Cosmetics & Skin/Hair Care Requirements

Cosmetic & Skin/Hair Care Products Sold on Amazon Must Adhere to Amazon’s Seller Policies in Order to Remain Compliant

If you intend to sell cosmetics & skin/hair care products on Amazon you must meet all the following Amazon requirements:

Packaging Requirements
  1. Cosmetics must be sealed in the original manufacturer’s packaging
  2. Cosmetics must be new and unused
  3. Cosmetics must clearly display identifying codes placed on the packaging by the manufacturer or distributor, such as matrix codes, lot numbers, or serial numbers
Products and Ingredients Requirements
  • Should not be named in a warning letter or be involved in a recall
  • Should not contain prohibited ingredients
  • Must be considered safe for use
  • Must not require a prescription to use
  • Must not contain any controlled substances as an ingredient
Amazon has also listed policies specific to cosmetics and skin/hair care products to be followed including:
  • Cosmetics that contain ingredients derived from sharks, whales, dolphins, or porpoises are prohibited
  • Cosmetics must not contain more than 12% hydrogen peroxide
  • Cosmetics containing acetone must not be sold in volumes more than 16 oz
dicentra’s Cosmetics Services are focused on ensuring all personal care products are compliant with both the US FDA and Amazon’s policies and include:
  • Product Classification
  • Ingredient & Formula Review
  • Label Development & Review
  • Cosmetic Testing
  • Cosmetic Clinical Trials
  • Product Claims Substantiation
  • Warning Letter Mitigation
  • Adverse Event Reporting

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