dicentra is contract research organization with an industry-leading team of medical and regulatory experts. Backed by over 18 years of experience in safety, quality and compliance in all product categories in the life sciences and food industries, dicentra’s CRO is expertly positioned to help guide you through the process of clinical trial design and trial execution.


Alicja Wojewnik, MSc

President & Chief Executive Officer

Peter Wojewnik, HBSc, MBA

Vice President, Growth, Marketing, & Sales

Dr. Karol Wojewnik, MD

Vice President, Medical Affairs

Dr. Gurinder Rai, MD, CCFP, ABFM, ACSM

Principal Investigator

Dr. Gurinder Rai is our Principal Investigator and experienced physician. Dr. Rai brings sought-after experience in the areas of emergency medicine, family medicine, sports/orthopaedic medicine, pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical drug development and regulatory interaction. He has extensive clinical research experience, serving as a Principal Investigator for over 400 clinical trials with a wide range of research indications.


Andrew Gregg, BHSc, RHN

Clinical Research Manager

Andrew brings clinical research experience in Phase I-IV studies focusing on the investigation of safety and efficacy for nutraceuticals, functional foods, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals for a wide range of health conditions. Andrew joins our team after his extensive work as a research Nutritionist with a special focus on the development of standardized diets for bioavailability and metabolism research.


Dr. Homa Assadi, PhD, MSc, BSc

Clinical Research Scientist and Data Specialist

Dr. Assadi provides dicentra with expertise in statistical design for clinical research proposals and protocols. She develops statistical analysis of clinical research SOPs (in accordance with ICH-GCP guidelines), manages data, and performs CTMS software setup. She also has extensive experience in biomedical research, medical & grant writing, healthcare innovation and networking with KOLs. She is very skilled in the health sciences discipline, holds a PhD focused on Diagnostic Imaging, and a post graduate degree in Clinical Research and ICH/GCP guidelines


Monica Banach, MSc Pharm


Monica’s special focus is on the safety and efficacy of ingredients to aid clients in formulating novel claims based on proprietary evidence. She brings extensively published clinical research experience from the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital’s Risk Factor Modification Centre where she was a part of a team investigating nutritional interventions in diabetic patients, with an emphasis on reducing cardiovascular disease risk factors.